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We are very proud to say that we are engineers armed with extensive contractual and commercial knowledge and experience.


It is our personal mission to ensure that teams buy-in to the current project, as well as ensuring that they have a solid understanding of the process and procedure via efficient and interactive tools. When you come to us, we will use the LEAN PILLARS system, translating any detailed or complex data into a simple language so you can ensure steady process from start to finish. 


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Commercial Management

We will develop tools to manage both upstream and downstream contracts. We can also help to develop a solid administration system, so you can capture communication while implementing efficient control. With the ability to provide consultancy to all day-by-day management activities with closed contract support, it’s safe to say that you are in very capable hands. We can manage the upstream and downstream, from procurement to contractual closing. 

  • Procurement planning and managing from tender to award.

  • Manage the handover between procurement and contract management team.

  • Developing administration systems and tools to capture communication.

  • Provide consultancy services for the day to day contract management.

  • Closing contracts to ensure compliance.

  • Evaluate and assess potential changes.

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Project Control

We will establish project scope, time and cost baseline. We will develop and then apply various automation processes, using data-capturing tools to communicate the status on a live basis. With risk registers to assess project performance and project costs, we can also provide an interactive dashboard. This can be used in conjunction with decision-making analysis and market recommendations.  

  • Automated reporting systems Live interactive dashboards

  • Earned value analysis

  • Decision-making analysis

  • Recommendations

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We are confident that we can get the results you are looking for!

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