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Maintaining the Corporate's interest and increasing the profit margin without compromising the long-term relationship with all stakeholders is the outcome of Partnering with NOVSTA PM to deliver your project 

Whether we are working with consultants, contractors, or even business owners, our primary focus is to ensure that we always inspire a lean mindset!

Our consultancy services provide:

Implementation of detailed process and mainting the continous improvement through Plan, Do , Check , Act

Automated data collection, validation, and normalisation. Risk and Opportunity Analysis Forecast updates and Baseline deviation route cause analysis

live and fully interactive dashboard, ensuring that buy-ins are taking place from all stakeholders.


With years of solid experience in the sector, we  

Develop and validate achievable project baselines, including cost, time, and scope.

Provide the infrastructure that enables prediction, integration, and monitoring of changes that could pertain to the project

 Facilitate and maintain efficient data capturing ,  archiving and retrieving.

Image by Aliaksei Lazarskiy

On a corporate level, you will get the added benefit of having your project boosted through:

Increased profit margins by enhancing internal processes and focusing on continuous incremental improvement.

Paving the way for future projects by building a trusting relationship with all stakeholder based on an effective and efficient reporting system that help to avoid conflict and disputes.

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