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We are professional engineers armed with extensive contractual and commercial knowledge and experience


By applying to our LEAN PILLARS, we translate solid facts and contractual information to simple engineering language and vice versa to ensure that commercial and project control are integral parts of the delivery process.

Contract Documents


Scenarios Analysis

Interactive Reporting

Processes and Templates

Commercial Management


  • Prepare Procurement management plan and contract packaging strategy.

  • Customise and automate the tender process and Contract Preparation

  • Risk and Contingency modelling                

  • Budget estimate and cost planning

  • Manage tender and procurement stage from tender issuing to negotiation             

  • Evaluate the tenderer's submission and prepare the awardings'recommendation

Manage the handling over to the contract administration

We use sustainable and innovative solutions to communicate the procurement outcome with the contract management team and provide fully integrated and synchronised tools to ensure full compliance with Upstream and Downstream rights and obligations

Contract Management

  • Establish processes and tools to manage the upstream and downstream contracts. 

  • Develop administration systems and tools to capture all communication and implement efficient document control.

  • Evaluate and manage potential changes through agreed integrated change management procedures.

  • Provide consultancy and advice to day-by-day commercial management activities.                                                           

  • Claim and Variation quantum analysis and contractual drafting

  • Closing contracts, including final account agreement and ensuring full compliance with contractual and other closing requirements.

Project Control

Scope, Time, Cost and Risk

  • Establish project scope, time and cost baseline.

  • Reconcile project budget and schedule with the elaboration of design development.

  • Prepare cash flow based on project schedule and resources analysis.

  • Develop and apply automation processes and data capturing tools to collect and communicate the project's current status on a live basis

  • Analise project data and assess project performance 

  • Prepare qualitative and quantitive risk analysis and develop risk action plans.                                                  

  • Carry out quantum delay analysis and associated cost impact.

  • Predict and analyse scenarios for the remaining scope and prepare the strategy to keep the project aligned with the cost and time baseline.


Automated Reporting System

Life Interactive Dashboard

Earned Value Analysis

Decision Making Analysis and Recommendation

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